Every event is special and every venue is unique.

Ditto for the sound and video requirements.

Revelation Productions works with you to determine your needs, your wishes, and the demographics of your audience. (No, we won’t play 1960s music for a group of millennials. Unless, of course, it suits your theme!)

If you have a professional presenter, we might suggest a dynamic introduction that syncs video and music; if you have a fundraiser, a video on a giant screen might be the best way to convey your message; if you are planning a luxury wedding, the sound and video should be as elegant as the bridal party.

Hi-Tech, Low-Tech,

and In-Between!

Audio & Video

Sound & Video Capabilities

Below is a partial list of the sound and video capabilities that we have found most popular. Keep in mind this list is ever-changing thanks to the advent of technology that’s always being upgraded!

  • Digital Wireless Microphones & Catch Boxes©
  • Line Array Sound Systems
  • Audio Integration
  • Broadcast, Robo, DSLR & Drone Camera Capture
  • Video Content Creation
  • LED Displays / Walls
  • Large Scale Projection Displays
  • Digital Video Mapping
  • Video Capture: Highlight / Straight Edit Film
  • Live Streaming & Webcasting

Sound & Video Samples

Commencement Ceremonies

College Lecture Series

Corporate Fundraising Events


Live Event Production

We match your venue with your needs and provide you with unlimited Computer Assisted Designs (CADs) that translate your ideas into a visual program so everyone involved can see the basics at the start of the process.

Audio & Video

Sound & Video

Microphones, sound systems, compatible electronics that create perfectly balanced sound—even instruments; camera people, giant LED video screens, 3D video mapping, and live streaming to transmit and record: We do it all!

Lighting & Décor

Lighting & Scenic Décor

It’s all about the ambiance. From a super-charged light show to a soft, elegant mood, our lighting experts compose the perfect atmosphere, while our scenic décor specialists know how and where to find the ideal items that create the perfect compatible look.

Ready? Let’s start producing your event now!